A Family's Passion

A Family’s Passion for Adventure and Nature Zanskar Feels is more than just a travel company - it is the realisation of a dream for husband-and-wife team Gurjeet and Bhavini. Along with their 3-year-old son, they are passionate about exploring the untouched beauty of Zanskar and sharing it with the world.


Their Journey

Their journey began in 2018 when they went on the Frozen River Trek – Chadar. They discovered that the locals only got work in Zanskar during the one month of this winter trek, and for the rest of the year, they had to leave their families and stay in Leh city where tourism is at its peak. Gurjeet and Bhavini were inspired to create a company that would not only introduce travellers to the rich heritage of Zanskar but also support the local community.


Making of a Better World

For Gurjeet and Bhavini, their love for nature goes beyond just travel. They want to create a healthy environment for their son and ensure he grows up surrounded by nature’s love. And they believe that by sharing their passion for adventure and nature with others, they can help make the world a better place.

Our Mission

At Zanskar Feels, our mission transcends borders as we strive to offer unparalleled and distinctive travel experiences to nature enthusiasts worldwide. Through close collaboration with local communities, we champion sustainable tourism, safeguard the cultural richness of diverse locations, and attract like-minded travelers who share our love for nature and exploration.

Our Vision

As pioneers in sustainable travel and experiential adventures, Zanskar Feels envisions transforming destinations into prominent hubs for winter sports, adventure, authentic homestays, and immersive local living experiences.

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